About Us

about us

Meet Linnette,
Founder of Nettie Renee

You don’t get a delicious toffee and the funky, sophisticated look of Nettie Renee overnight. What you see on www.nettierenee.com is a business 20 years in the making and of course there is a story behind it!

As a corporate executive Linnette loved to do two things; one, send cards to mark a special occasion and two, include a little something extra to really emphasize the meaning behind her message. The concept for Nettie Renee was born when she realized sometimes a card just wasn’t enough! Linnette would always strive to select the right card to make her recipient feel special and to ensure the message was meaningful, but even after selecting the right card, she many times felt like something was still missing.

Enter the toffee…20 plus years ago a friend introduced Linnette to toffee making. Over the years she would make and share it as gifts. She also continued to craft the art and started making her own version of it. When Linnette found herself in a situation where a card just wasn’t enough, her go-to gift to send as a little something extra became her handmade toffee. After being well received by everyone she sent it to, Linnette decided it was time to marry her two passions of sending cards and adding a little something extra to create Nettie Renee!

In addition to making people smile with her delicious toffee, Linnette is also an accomplished author of “The Art of Keeping Good Company.” This inspiring book, with a powerful message, will help look at the role of personal responsibility and accountability for the choices we make in life. This inspiring book, with a powerful message will help you gain deeper insight into who you are, what’s important to you and why you surround yourself with the people you do. To learn more about Linnette’s book, click here.

Packaging is important

Personalization has always been important to Linnette so as she was developing the concept for Nettie Renee she incorporated her love of personalized packaging! Beautiful boxes, ribbons and tags add a level of customization and personalization that can make all difference in your gift giving experience.